Tracy Brown is Back! Book Review | Flirting With Disaster

flirtingwithdisasterI decided to give my brain a break from  heavy non-fiction reading on financial matters with a quick urban fiction read. I was browsing Amazon for a new title to read over the holidays and I was excited to discover that one of my favorite fiction writers, Tracy Brown, had published a new book! No, it was not another installment of the White Lines series. This is an entirely new book called Flirting with Disaster (affiliate link) with a new set of characters, led by a fearless, street-savvy heroin named Chloe.

Chloe, much like many of Tracy Brown’s previous characters is a young, beautiful woman who attracts the attention of many male suitors. Chloe knows her worth and demands lavish gifts from her male companions and isn’t quick to give up the goods. She meets a guy named Trey and shortly after they begin dating. Chloe is impressed by Trey’s good looks and generosity, but she is so distracted by their fancy dates and his many gifts to her that she fails to get to know him very well.

It turns out that Trey is not quite who Chloe thought he was. As Chloe and Trey grow closer, he becomes even more of a mystery, and Chloe eventually finds herself in a very dangerous situation. The book was definitely a page-turner. I purchased the Kindle book, currently listed at $1.99. At first, this price seemed like a bargain compared to Brown’s other titles which usually sell for $9.99 in eBook format, but after I finished the book, I understood the lower price. The book was worth the (small) investment, but it ended too quickly. At 104 pages, it is much shorter than most of her works, like Aftermath: A Snapped Novel, which is 464 pages.

The ending of the book leaves readers to believe that there will be another installment in this series and I certainly hope so. I love Brown’s suspense-filled novels and this short, but well written book, was an enjoyable thriller for only $1.99.

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Novel Review | Twisted by Tracy Brown

I enjoyed Tracy Brown’s novel White Lines so much that I decided to pick up another title by her to see if it was just a fluke! Nope, it wasn’t. Twisted was a great read as well. In Twisted, we get a more intricate look at the money, glitter, and glam, that pulls people into a life in the drug game. Why risk your life, breaking the law? Well, easy money seems to be the answer. However, Tracy Brown breaks down the motivation behind the men and women whose lives are intertwined in the drug game. Instead of portraying them as one-dimensional criminals, Tracy Brown somehow manages to tell their story with fairness and criticism.

By the end of the book, we care about what happens to the novel’s lead character Celeste, even if we don’t agree with all of her choices. Brown’s characters have misadventures in both New York and “Hotlanta” as Celseste’s past affiliations with powerful men catch up to her. This book has an ending that I never saw coming & just like her previous novels, this story is more than a regular urban drama- it has a plot that gives substance to the trials and errors of the characters. The only flaw that I found in this book was that some of the actions of the characters were unbelieveable at times, but I would tell the reader to stick with it because the novel is definitely a shocker at the end.

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Novel Review | White Lines by Tracy Brown

I don’t normally read urban novels that are, well, overly urban because I can’t relate to them & I often feel like they are glorifying the street life. However, I was in the airport waiting on a flight, looking for  a way to kill time & I happened to pick up a novel called “White Lines” by Tracy Brown. As slow as I am, I didn’t immediately catch what “white lines” meant.

What did catch my eye was the author’s word from the author on the inside of the book:

“….I’ve grieved with friends who lost loved ones to AIDS and other drug-related illnesses…” She goes on to describe her experiences growing up aroung the drug game in the eighties and nineties, then continues, “….In telling the story in White Lines, I want to shed light on every aspect of the drug game to show that no one ever wins in this game. There are only losers….”

Okay, so this peaked my interest! An urban novel about the drug game that told the truth about the drug game? That sounded good to me and the book was thick enough to occupy my waiting time and my flight to my destination and back, or so I thought. The 497-page novel was a true page-turned that I ended up reading in two days & had nothing to read on the way back! Tracy Brown’s story about troubled Jada who goes from “crack addict and prostitute to survivor” is eye-opening. The book is a little bit love story, a little bit tragedy, and full of surprises and truths woven into an intricate plot. This is not your shallow book about a ghetto love story. It’s a true novel that celebrates the urban tradition while exposing the hardships that people go through, how they end up caught up in the game, and what happens when they try to get out of it.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, especially someone like myself who loves to support urban novels, but gets tired of books about sex and drugs with no plot. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

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