Book Review | The Bride Experiment by Mimi Jefferson

The Bride Experiment by Mimi Jefferson asks the reader to ponder: “What happens when single women get fed up?” The novel picks up where The Single Sister Experiment left off. In The Single Sister Experiment, a group of single women have been inspired to give up clubbing, partying, drinking, and having sex out-of-wedlock in order to more fully devote themselves to the Lord. Through the process, they are forced to face the demons of their pasts and come to terms with the many mistakes that they have made. In The Bride Experiment, some time has passed and the ladies have been blessed for their faithfulness to the Lord.

Despite their progress, the women are not immune from the setbacks that any Christian faces when trying to give up the ways of the world. In addition, The Bride Experiment introduces James, a single man who has a strong distrust from Christians. Readers may remember James from Mimi Jefferson’s first book. He was introduced as the man who Joan was desperately in love with and who also happened to be the father of her son. Male and female readers will be able to relate to James’ story. He comes from a troubled past and has dealt with many of his issues by using women. In The Bride Experiment, readers learn more about what it’s like to a single man to face obstacles while trying to change his life, raise his children, and date, all while figuring out his relationship with the Lord.

I enjoyed reading this book because it had many twists and turns. Besides learning more about James, the reader also learns more about Raquel, the woman who James chose over Joan in the first novel. It becomes evident that Raquel is dealing with pain from a troubled past. All of the characters come together to deal with a tragedy that threatens to change all of their lives. The author also further develops Tisha, Lila, and Janet’s characters and catches the readers up on their triumphs and struggles in trying to maintain an existence as Godly women. The author explores struggle to remain celibate, the difficulty letting go of an ex, and the way that Christians are often viewed as hypocritical. Throughout the 270-page novel, I believe every reader will find an element that he or she can relate to.

I really enjoyed the book and I would highly suggest it to any single Christian looking for stories of other Christian singles to relate to. Married Christians and those who are curious about the faith will enjoy the book as well. It can help those wishing to minister to singles better understand the challenges that singles face. Instead of making it seem easy to remain celibate and resist the temptation to party, Mimi Jefferson presents realistic characters who sometimes fail.

It is not necessary to have read Mimi Jefferson’s first book, The Single Sister Experiment, to enjoy this one. However, if you are just starting out on your journey, I would suggest that book as well. The Single Sister Experiment was the first Christian Fiction book that I read and it lead me on a journey that allowed me to better understand my relationship with God through the characters presented in various Christian novels. I also had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Jefferson a few years ago and experiencing her teaching first-hand. (I did, however, pay for this book and was not asked to provide a review.) You can read more about Mimi Jefferson’s ministry and learn how to purchase the book by visiting her website. If you check it out, please come back and let me know what you thought of it.


Christian Book Review| The Single Sister Experiment by Mimi Jefferson

I found this book in Wal-Mart about a year ago when I was browsing for my weekly Urban Fiction read. I had seen it before, but I passed it up when I saw the writing at the bottom “THE FINEST IN CHRISTIAN FICTION.” Althought I am a Christian, I did not want to read anything that read like a Bible for relaxation. On a different trip to the story, I picked the book up and read the back. The synopsis from the publisher sounded just like me or someone that I knew:

In The Single Sister Experiment, Joan, Tisha, and Lila are three single, ambitious, party girls
embarking on a journey where they attempt to give up sex and draw nearer to God. But giving
up their boyfriends and club hopping for empty beds and Bible Study is more challenging than
they ever imagined.
Get ready for a turbulent ride, as these three women face off with the demons of their pasts,
embrace new lifestyles, and ultimately fall into the waiting arms of our Savior. Sisters will be able
to identify with Joan, Tisha and Lila, even if they don’t know all of the words to Amazing Grace,
couldn’t find the book of Haggai in the Bible if someone paid them, and their husbands are not
the only men that have seen them naked.
The Single Sister Experiment is an inspirational journey for us all!

I found that the SSE (the abbreviation for the title) was an excellent read. It made me, as a young black woman, think about my love life. The main characters in the novel are given the challenge to give up sex as single women. This seems like an easy enough challenge since the women are not married but they each discover that premarital sex (a sin by Christian doctrine) has deeper roots in their lives than one would think. Although this novel deals with some heavy themes, it is enjoyable because each of the characters goes through her own individual journey. The author makes us think about our lives without condemning. My only criticism is that the main protagonist Joan’s role as a single mother is not reflective of the typical single mother’s life and/or lifestyle.

If anyone, an individual or someone associated with a church group or youth group is looking for a springboard to start a discussion on premarital sex, this novel is a great place to start.

Mimi Jefferson, the author, is dedicated to making abstinence from premarital sex a movement rather than just a book. She holds a workshop in the Houston area which I have attended and enjoyed, along with hosting a Yahoo group. She also ministers during her travels around the country. For more info on the workshop or the Yahoo group, visit her site at and to purchase the book, visit her publisher’s site at

On my latest trips to Barnes and Noble, I have looked for MORE books with the bottom logo, “THE FINEST IN URBAN CHRISTIAN FICTION.” I will be writing up reviews on several more titles from the same publisher in the next couple of days.