I offer a number of writing, editing, and review services. (I will be offering legal services related to publishing very soon.) Please read the policy descriptions listed below carefully for more information. Please note that the services below do not include an unlimited number of words or pages. For a specific quote, please contact me directly.

Content Writing

I offer content writing for a limited number of genres. I currently write articles, blog posts, and other internet copy related to beauty, hair care, dating, parenting, and personal finance. The minimum turn-around time for a blog post or article is 48 hours. I can write under my name or a pen name. I also offer ghostwriting services.

Manuscript Review

Please note that a manuscript review is NOT the same as a manuscript edit or a review of a published work. Manuscript Review is a service that I offer in which I read your manuscript and offer constructive feedback regarding your topic, plot, the length of the manuscript, your writing style, and minor grammatical tips and corrections. This service is helpful if you are having difficulty deciding whether your manuscript is actually “finished” or not. I can provide feedback on what else needs to be added or changed in your work. The service includes written feedback and one 20-minute telephone consultation.

Editing Services

I offer editing services on a limited basis. I currently provide editing services for articles, blog posts, websites, and papers. I will NOT write your paper for you, but I will correct it. By accepting my services, you certify that you are not using my services in violation of any honor policies, such as high school or college honor codes. I understand that such services may need to be completed quickly and most projects can be completed in 24-48 hours. If you need your project completed in less than 24 hours, please contact me directly before purchasing this service. I am not currently offering citation-checking.

Honest Book Reviews (Completed Books)

While I would love to read and write a review your completed book, I am not currently accepting submissions for book reviews. I may make limited exceptions for urban fiction, Christian fiction, dating, and personal finance books. If you think you have a book that I would love to read, contact me and send me some information about your book including the title, topic, a brief synopsis, and the length of the book. If I can fit it in my schedule, I will consider reading the book and posting an honest review of the book on my blog and a shorter version of the review on either Goodreads or Amazon (which also owns Shelfari).

Coming Soon

  • Publishing Contact Review
  • Publishing Negotiation
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Legal Services

Thanks for stopping by my little home on the internet. Feel free to check back any time or drop me a line with any questions.


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