New Feature | Weekly Writing Tips

In an effort to make my blog more stimulating, I’ll be offering weekly writing tips to help aspiring writers improve their skills. What qualifies me to give writing advice? For one, I’m an avid reader and I read with a critical eye. I often find errors in grammar and syntax in professional published novels. In addition, I hold a BA in English and I am a certified English/Language Arts Teacher. I currently serve as an adjunct faculty member at a local community college where I teach essay-writing and literary analysis. I also recently earned my JD  (not that a legal degree inherently makes one a good writer).

Besides all of my fancy credentials, I just love writing and reading. I haven’t really been able to “grow” my blog because I’ve been so busy with school for the last three years. I’m still busy, BUT I am only studying now…not working/studying/stressing, etc.

So far, I’ve brainstormed a number of topics that might work for getting my weekly feature started:

1. Homonyms/Synonyms/Antonyms

2. Passive Voice (How to Avoid It)

3. Essay Planning and Structure

4. Drafting Personal Statements and Cover Letters

5. Descriptive Details

These are the basic topics that I want to cover for now. I’ll also post some sample essays developed for my students. One of my most popular blog posts was one on character essays – Goldilocks, in particular. I didn’t get a ton of comments, but the post continues to garner a ton of views. Another popular post was piece on “Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros. Based on the popularity of these posts, I know that students are out there looking for answers that aren’t found in their textbooks.

If you have more ideas for helpful writing tips that you’d like to see posted, please leave a comment below.


Goldilocks: Innocent Child or Naughty Girl?

Okay, I write to model for my students almost every day. If anyone needs help with writing a character analysis essay, here is a sample introduction and body paragraph that I wrote for them today.

Innocent Child or Naughty Girl?

In the classic children’s story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the young, fair-haired main character, little Goldilocks, is characterized as a disobedient child. By taking a closer look at the story, the reader can find evidence that Goldie was just an innocent girl who did not know that she was wrong when she broke into the home of The Three Bears.

In the beginning of the story, The Three Bears carelessly leave their house unlocked when they go for a walk. Goldie, tired and hungry, stumbles upon the open home and, upon finding it empty, enters in search of something to eat and possibly a place to rest. Without thinking, Goldilocks tastes the Bears’ porridge. While Goldie was being thoughtless, she was not being malicious. She only needed to satisfy her ravenous hunger. If the Bears were truly concerned about the security of their home, they would have put their food away and locked the door upon leaving.

(Character traits not italicized and the thesis is in bold. This is just a sample, I would continue to focus the rest of the essay on my take on Goldie being an innocent child. Please remember, this was written for beginning essay writers)

If you have questions, leave me a comment and I will do my best to help. I was an English major, so I have written a ton of papers about literature.