I Love My Kindle :-)

This is not a book review – it’s a long overdue rave about my Kindle. I’ve been using my Kindle since Christmas when I purchased it as a gift for myself.

After 6 months of use, I can honestly say that my 3rd generation Wi-Fi Kindle is worth every penny! My Kindle is lightweight, slim, and it has an amazing battery life. I hardly ever have to charge it. The charge literally lasts for a month or longer!

I opted for the Wi-Fi version rather than 3g because it’s so easy to access hotspots and I also have Wi-Fi at my home. So far, I have not regretting skipping 3g service. The $50 in savings justified my later purchase of a leather Kindle case with the book light. It does add a bit of weight/bulkiness to my Kindle.

I have read and downloaded many books, including several free books. I like e-ink because I hate looking at LCD screens for an extended time. The Kindle works perfectly for my needs, but if I get an e-reader for my son, I’ll probably get him one with a color screen.

All in all, my Kindle was a great investment. They now have a $114 version with limited ads, but I can’t speak on that since I have the ad-free Wi-Fi version. If you’re in the market for an e-reader, consider the Kindle.