Who Is She?

Debra Johnson is the “she” behind She Likes to Read! She is a twenty-something writer, editor, attorney, and mom. She created this blog to help others develop a passion for reading and writing. The name of the blog was inspired by a phrase that Debra heard frequently growing up. Debra always had her nose buried in a book and whenever her mother was asked about her daughter’s inattentiveness to the world around her, her mother replied, “She likes to read!”

Over the years, Debra won literary awards, majored in English in college, and was inducted into Lambda Iota Tau Literary Honor Society. After becoming a certified educator, Debra discovered that her students did not always share her passion for reading and writing. In 2008, while working as an 8th grade English Language Arts teacher, she started writing book reviews and sharing writing tips online. She went on to complete law school while teaching college-level writing courses in Developmental English. Over the years, she has developed several successful blogs and online video tutorials.

Debra always had dreams of becoming a professional writer and editor. Through her online home, this dream has come true. Debra has helped many authors and professionals edit manuscripts and websites. She also published a non-fiction book on hair care called How to Maintain Healthy Hair During a Relaxer Stretch,  and she has written professional copy and biographies for entertainers. Debra’s first self-published work was a success and she is working on her next novel, a fiction title about life and love.


2 thoughts on “Who Is She?

  1. Sandra Israel says:

    I came across your page and I have to tell you, its heart warming to find someone who appreciates coolness like I do. Lol love your blog. And from one blogger to another..
    At last, we see the light of day. 🙂
    Take Care
    Be Well

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