Tracy Brown is Back! Book Review | Flirting With Disaster

flirtingwithdisasterI decided to give my brain a break from  heavy non-fiction reading on financial matters with a quick urban fiction read. I was browsing Amazon for a new title to read over the holidays and I was excited to discover that one of my favorite fiction writers, Tracy Brown, had published a new book! No, it was not another installment of the White Lines series. This is an entirely new book called Flirting with Disaster (affiliate link) with a new set of characters, led by a fearless, street-savvy heroin named Chloe.

Chloe, much like many of Tracy Brown’s previous characters is a young, beautiful woman who attracts the attention of many male suitors. Chloe knows her worth and demands lavish gifts from her male companions and isn’t quick to give up the goods. She meets a guy named Trey and shortly after they begin dating. Chloe is impressed by Trey’s good looks and generosity, but she is so distracted by their fancy dates and his many gifts to her that she fails to get to know him very well.

It turns out that Trey is not quite who Chloe thought he was. As Chloe and Trey grow closer, he becomes even more of a mystery, and Chloe eventually finds herself in a very dangerous situation. The book was definitely a page-turner. I purchased the Kindle book, currently listed at $1.99. At first, this price seemed like a bargain compared to Brown’s other titles which usually sell for $9.99 in eBook format, but after I finished the book, I understood the lower price. The book was worth the (small) investment, but it ended too quickly. At 104 pages, it is much shorter than most of her works, like Aftermath: A Snapped Novel, which is 464 pages.

The ending of the book leaves readers to believe that there will be another installment in this series and I certainly hope so. I love Brown’s suspense-filled novels and this short, but well written book, was an enjoyable thriller for only $1.99.

Check it out on Amazon: Flirting with Disaster