Bookswim, Kindle DX, And A New Read

As evidenced by this blog, I buy a lot of books. I buy and read more books that I post here, and after a while I end up with, well….many piles of books that I don’t need. Often, I try to re-sell the books to Half-Price books and I end up getting very little back for books that I paid a lot for. I also end up giving away books when I move or run out of space. Therefore, I have been looking for alternatives to just buying book after book for full price.

Kindle DXis the latest version of Amazon’s electronic book reading device. I’ve been contemplating whether the new Kindle DX is a good deal. I am venturing to say that it’s not. Apparently, there has been some controversy over digital downloads being “taken back” by Amazon without notice to or consent by the purchasers. Also, the device itself costs about $400, I believe, and you still have to pay nearly full price for books! Based on reviews from Amazon that I’ve read – it seems like users have encountered a number of other issues with the device, from poor internet reception (which means no new book or magazine downloads) to cracking or breaking the expensive reader, and of course, little to no quality customer service assistance from Amazon. Considering all these issues, I am going to pass on a Kindle, at least for now. It’s out of my budged and, overall, it seems like a great concept, but not necessarily a great deal.

Bookswimis a Netflix-style book exchange service. There are other similar services, but Bookswim is the first one that someone suggested to me, about a year ago. My only problem with the service is that it offers mostly bestsellers, with very few niche or ethnic titles. However, I have decided to start utilizing either this or another book exchange service very soon. I am tired of paying full price for new books that I don’t need or want anymore after a first read. I will keep you guys updated on which service I choose and, of course, I will provide a review!

Lastly, I’m reading See Jane Write: A Girl’s Guide to Writing Chick Lit. I hadn’t planned on reading it, especially since I haven’t finished reviewing all of the books posted under “What I’m Reading,” but so far, I am really enjoying this title. It motivated me to write 3,000 pages in one night! As soon as I log off of wordpress, I can go and write a few more. So, goodnight!


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