Book Review | How to Marry the Man of Your Choice by Margaret Kent

how to marryThis book is strictly for women who want to be married now. It’s not for women who are holding on tight to the strict dating codes that they have been practicing for all of their lives. After all, if those practices were working, then these women would be married.

Margaret Kent offers a step-by-step plan for getting women from flirting to the alter, and covers many of the follies that women make in between, such as refusing to take the initiative (waiting for him to call), not smiling and speaking to people on the street (MANY of us are guilty of this), and simply being too picky (logically, this cuts down on the number of men available for you to marry). Kent points out that many women behave as if there are an infinite supply of men to choose from (the bus mentality – when one passes you by, there is a another one coming). The reality is that at there may not be another man coming. If this is the one you want, you have to make it happen.

What I liked about this book, however, is that Kent makes it clear that it needs to be the man of your choice. You don’t have to settle simply because you are ready to get married. You only have to work to convince the man that you want that he needs you. Kent provides a complete how-to, including what to do to keep your engagement from ending. For example, you should be willing to marry your mate with or without a wedding. If you want a wedding more than you want a marriage, then you just might get your wish.

Even though I may not be ready to be married, per se, this book also made me think about how I speak to and relate to people in general. The dating techniques that lead to marriage are closely intertwined with persuasion skills, and those are skills that can be transferred to other relationships besides just romantic ones.

Many reviews that I read on this book criticized Kent for encouraging women to give in to their men’s fantasies and desires. I don’t promote any type of promiscuity or doing anything to put your health, safety, or personal comfort in danger. However, if this is the man that you are about to marry, then you should have some level of trust. Kent also encourages living together first. Some people are bothered by this. However, almost all the twenty and thirty-somethings that I know who married, actually did live together first.

Like any dating book, you need to tweak the advice to be in line with your own personal moral code. You can read more about the author and how she nagged not one, but two husbands (her first husband passed) by picking the book up on Amazon, or checking out her site at


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  1. Katrina says:

    Statistics show that couples who live together before getting married are much more likely to get divorced. This book can’t have been that well researched. I really liked the advice in “How to Get Married after 35” and “Body Language for Singles.” Thanks, Debra! You saved me some time.

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