Novel Review | The Street Lawyer by John Grisham

the-street-lawyer1Traveling means reading! I love to read when flying, but I forgot to pick up a book. Luckily, they have convenient little bookstores in the airport! Well, I was being cheap so I picked up a less expensive paperback- The Street Lawyer by John Grisham. It cost me $7.99 and it was a very good read, which I guess one would expect from John Grisham.

It was originally published in 1998, but the themes of law, life as a lawyer, poverty, and public interest are still hot topic issues today. The main character, Michael Brock, is a well-paid associate at a top law firm, who has a failing marriage and very little purpose to his life. After a life-threatening event, he begins to re-assess his career and his life in general. This leads to some drastic career decisions and an inspiring story about change. This story rings true in a day and age when there is so much talk about changing the world. However you feel about politics, this book proves that change starts with self. Michael Brock is seeking to correct injustices and right wrongs, but he must first start with righting some of the wrongs in his own life and career.

This book will especially appeal to anyone interested in the legal justice, as with many of Grisham’s novels. I also learned a lot about homelessness and poverty, two issues that are very seldomly discussed. If you like Grisham’s more popular titles, or even if you have never read any of his works, you should pick this one up!

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